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pizzeria Sirtaki
SPAGHETTERIA - PIZZERIA - Sirtaki - Square Dimoula - Trikala Kalambaka 67
Tel: 24320 23368


The Pizzaland located at Trikala 93 and can daily enjoy its delicious and unique pizzas from the hands of Saki Karatzas, and other dishes such as calzone, peinirli, vegetarian, pasta, salads, etc. All these come to your house if you want a just call tel - 2432077135 from 5pm till 12 ects

Pizzeria - Restaurant - SALSA

Pizzeria - Restaurant SALSA Kalambaka, King Square Feraiou. In our store you can enjoy from a wide variety, pizza, calzone, peinerli, pasta cooking, pasta pan, Mexican, salads, drinks.

All dishes come to your home if you wish by calling 24 320 24 454.