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The annual fair receives every year on July 20 Kalambaka On July 20 Kalambaka as when celebrating the feast of St. Elias was the most important economic, social and cultural event. Certainly the way many things that characterize the annual fair of Kalambaka, changed, but the aroma of good old…
The Monastery of St. George Mandila next to the last houses in the village of Kastraki, the rock of the Holy Spirit, a height of 30m above the ground. According to an old custom, the feast day of Saint and the end of the operation, the village youths hanging colorful…
The Chestnut know in late October every year a great success as enough people attending to the "gura" of Chestnut in order to enjoy boiled or roasted chestnuts and other dishes that the City offers free Chesnut. Fresh chestnuts from the area have their honor and offered trachanas, yogurt with…
The cultural events Kalambaka "Meteora Art" is a cultural and spiritual institution that emerged from the cultural heritage of our country and held every summer in Kalambaka and MD of the municipality. The cultural umbrella of "Meteora Art" includes quality entertainment with high-level events and meet the requirements of all…
A hunt is under the carnival events of our municipality and aims to guide us in the history of our country with a pleasant and fun way ... ment combined with Halloween fun.Small and large organized groups trying to solve puzzles, to combine data, discover our portal and enliven the…
The wine festival in Kastraki, in late August. The wine is free. An institution that every year waiting for both the residents of our municipality and visitors to enjoy listening to pop and folk music, tasting sausages and kebabs and drinking of course, plenty of local wine.

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