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... Foreign travelers in the 17th century referred to Meteora talked about "Miracle of the Orient", while the French consul at the time of Ali Pasha found similar rocks to the pyramids in Egypt?

... In 1348, the Tsar of the Serbs, Stefan Dusan, placed a large metal cross dimensions 1,80 × 0,80 m. rock Holy Spirit to symbolize his victory against Epirus and Thessaly? The cross came in 1975 helicopter and now kept in the Monastery of Barlaam.

... A Turk who was injured by a hatchet to cut wood, which was saved through the veil of his wife's bandaged leg and prayed to St. George? Since then the young men to climb Kastrakiou festival to hand out the scarves last year , as an amulet and put new ones.

... The acclaimed German climber Dietrich Lose having seduced 17 years before seeing the impressive cliffs in a tobacco advertising, arrived there in 1975 with the photographer-oreivatiChaints Lotchats Stoute to open paths? Since then, visiting 2-3 times each year meteors along with other German climbers to make climbing.

... During the Turkish occupation, the monastery of St. Demetrius, called Holy Lavra of Thessaly, was destroyed by the troops of Ali Pasha? The reason: There appears to retain its bastion in the fiery priest Father Thymios Vlahavas. The conquerors, in fact, cut the instigator and leader of the revolutionary movement of 1809 in four pieces. Unbelievable but true!

... The manuscripts were bought by Lord R. Curzonapo the Great Meteor kept at the British Museum, while two other illuminated gospels of 11th-12th century could not be obtained, there are now in the library of the monastery and not even know anything about their fate?

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